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About ACCI

Our Mission

We are innovative carpet cleaning industry leaders, setting the benchmark for carpet cleaning business mentoring and technical support in our industry. As Australia’s premier trade support organisation for the carpet cleaning industry ACCI is positioned to set the industry standard for environmental responsibility in all aspects of carpet cleaning. Our focus is to inject sustainable processes into every aspect of your carpet cleaning business – from research and development to carpet cleaning equipment, marketing and distribution.

About Us

ACCI was established out of a need for the carpet cleaning industry to have a carpet cleaning certification and trade licence program that set the standard for excellence. In recognition of our standards ACCI is Australia’s only independent certification with formal endorsement from carpet manufacturers and affiliated organisations. ACCI’s track record for creating unique and innovative educational and member support programs, distinguishes the organisation and its members as truly elite, in an otherwise unregulated industry.


For over forty years, Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute founder Leo Powell has been setting new and innovative industry benchmarks in cleaning practices, education, scientific research and ground breaking industry programs.

Following a successful twenty year career as an owner/operator of carpet cleaning businesses, Leo applied his extensive industry experience and created Australia’s first local content, industry specific educational program in 1989.


These courses were formalised in 1994 when Leo formed the Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute, Australasia’s first certification program for the local carpet cleaning industry.  ACCI quickly became the symbol of elite professionalism and as a result found resounding support from industry icons such as DuPont, 3M, Wools of New Zealand and the industry’s largest carpet manufacturers including Interface, the world’s largest manufacturer of carpet tile.


As a professional educator Leo understood that courses alone would not fill the credibility void created by an unregulated industry. ACCI membership filled that void with a unique technical information and business building facility that has seen ACCI become the largest trade organization for carpet cleaners in Australia.


With such a strong membership base of top quality professionals Leo created several manufacturer warranty support programs for carpet manufacturers and in 1997 was contracted by DuPont fibres to operate the DuPont Warranty Hotline, and shortly after the Interface Hotline. Leo’s teaching reputation has long been recognised internationally with invitations to teach in the USA, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, India, Thailand, Malaysia, mainland China and Hong Kong.


In 1998 Leo was contracted to Wools of New Zealand to seek out and train the best of the best ACCI technicians to join the elite Woolcare Technician program. By 1999 Leo was contracted to lecture in Hong Kong and mainland China by Wools of New Zealand, Taiping Carpets Hong Kong and International Carpets Thailand.


From 1996 Leo teamed up with Dr Peter Dingle to research and develop ground breaking environmentally sensitive cleaning strategies for the carpet cleaning industry. Dr Peter Dingle is an Associate Professor at Murdoch University and is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Environmental Sciences. The partnership culminated in the revolutionary Health and Environmental Cleaning Systems ( HECS ) program.

This program literally turned the industry light switch on, raising awareness of all the complex issues surrounding both indoor and ultimately outdoor environments that affect carpet cleaners and their clients.

Thanks to HECS issues such as IAQ, mould, asthma, dust mite, cleaning chemical and waste water are all common place subjects being addressed by the industry at all levels. HECS certified technicians can be found across the nation and are indicative of a truly unique group of professionals with world class best practice knowledge and skills.

Sustainable Carpet Cleaning Systems

In 2003 Leo was invited to participate in the development of DuPont’s new encapsulation cleaning technology ResisTech. Thanks to this ground breaking innovation, Leo has led a revolution in carpet cleaning to pioneer Sustainable Carpet Cleaning Systems which has now changed the industry forever and secured the most positive environmental awareness in the history of Australian carpet cleaning.

Green Pathway Certification

In another industry first ACCI has taken the next step in environmental responsibility and pioneered the development of the first genuine industry specific ‘Green Certification’ with the introduction of  Green Pathway. This is  an internationally recognized certification for carpet cleaners where the ultimate goal is to create an ISO 14001 environmental management system.

Fabric and Leather Care By ACCI

ACCI also operates a highly specialized fabric and leather care business to serve as an example to carpet cleaners throughout Australia of the results that can be achieved when putting together a high tech  upholstery cleaning system including the latest cleaning methods, world class training and a passion for quality! The services offered by our elite  cleaning arm include upholstery cleaning, leather cleaning and specialized cleaning services such as mattress cleaning.

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