Why ACCI members are more successful.

ACCI is far more than a credible industry certification and carpet cleaning franchise business start-up service.

ACCI recognises that our unregulated industry needs to identify, develop and support those professionals who want to move on beyond the average and become truly elite. This cannot be achieved with education alone but rather with ongoing support and encouragement in all aspects of business activity.

Long after a course is completed and in some cases forgotten, ACCI is there for members to call on to assist with all manner of problems and questions from technical to business management and marketing. It is for this reason that ACCI operates beyond carpet cleaning training courses with it’s unique membership scheme offering benefits that guarantee a level of success, not otherwise thought possible.

Why Join ACCI?

In short it’s the value. There is nowhere else that you will get the kind of services and support in one package in the industry. The value is found in our unique membership scheme where you get:

  • Impeccable credibility. ACCI offers the only credible manufacturer endorsed carpet cleaning certification in the Australian industry.
  • Independent advice and support in all areas of business activities. Our technical support hot line has been voted by members as our winning strength for the past twenty years.
  • Communication keeps our members informed and up to date on a weekly basis with our popular daily ‘e-news’ emails
  • Strength in numbers. ACCI is the largest certification / support organisation in Australasia and the only trade organisation with representation in every state and territory
  • Networking is a crucial part of business success in any industry and for ACCI members it’s no different. After all the best way forward is to learn from those who have found the right formula to achieve carpet cleaning business excellence. It’s no surprise then that our most successful operators always attend our annual national convention and social events.
  • ACCI Referral Program is an added bonus to our members. Work referral from manufacturers, retailers and consumer inquiry is allotted as and when available.

Professional is an often over used word however it does accurately describe ACCI in that ‘it’s all we do.’ We are working every day in some capacity to provide a complete value package for every one of our members. We are committed to providing excellence and we are always looking to improve. It’s our reason for being and our loyal members are testament to our efforts.

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How to Join ACCI

ACCI is not an organisation where you simply pay a fee. To become an accredited member, all applicants must complete and agree to meet the following qualification criteria:

  • Complete the certified ACCI Carpet Cleaning Course and examination
  • Sign and agree to comply with the ACCI Code of Practice
  • Pay the Membership Fee ($550.00 per annum)

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