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Carpet Cleaning Training Certification

The Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute provides the most credible carpet cleaning trade certification services available in Australia. The carpet cleaning industry is unregulated and is not recognized by the government as a formal trade requiring a 4 year carpet cleaning education via an apprenticeship scheme. Any carpet cleaning training, education or certification is purely voluntary and is not a legal requirement. In the real world however consumers are much more demanding and informed than ever before, and having a recognized industry carpet cleaning certification is now the difference between being successful or not in winning new business and starting your new carpet cleaning business venture.

ACCI was established out of a need for the carpet cleaning industry to have a carpet cleaning certification program that not only filled that void but set the standard for carpet cleaning industry excellence. In recognition of our standards ACCI is Australia’s only independent carpet cleaning certification with formal endorsement from carpet manufacturers and affiliated organisations.

Our track record in creating unique and innovative carpet cleaning support programs distinguishes our members as truly elite carpet cleaners in an otherwise unregulated industry, who have received the very best in formal carpet cleaning certification in Australia!


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