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Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Regardless of which method of carpet cleaning you use it’s vitally important to get the right carpet cleaning equipment in order to deliver the best results. Every carpet cleaner in the world thrives on referrals from happy clients so your choice of carpet cleaning equipment can make or break your carpet cleaning business. Making the right choice can put you well on the way to growing a successful business.


Carpet Cleaning Machines

There are two main methods of carpet cleaning that professional carpet cleaning machines utilize:

  1. Hot Water Extraction (steam carpet cleaning)
  2. Bonnet cleaning (dry cleaning)

When it comes to Hot Water Extraction (HWE) there are two distinct choices of carpet cleaning equipment levels:

  • Electric portable carpet cleaner machines
  • Truck mounted carpet cleaning units

Each piece of carpet cleaning equipment has advantages and disadvantages so it really depends on the needs of your market. For example truck mounted carpet cleaning machines don’t suit high rise apartments whereas electric portables are ideal due to their mobility.


Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning Machine

Truck Mount


Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Budget constraints can also be a major factor in your decision – new truck mounted carpet cleaning machines start at around $30,000 AUD for a quality carpet cleaner machine, while electric portables start at $8,000 – $10,000 AUD.

When considering carpet cleaning equipment purchases especially as a new business, be aware that a myriad of extras are required to actually get the job done, which aren’t usually included in your initial carpet cleaning solution purchase. Items like stair tools, hard surface tools, air movers, chemical applicators, spot cleaning machines, wand glides, vacuum cleaners, scrubbers, pads, mitts, brushes, carpet grooming rakes and brooms. All of these items and more are rarely ever included in so called carpet cleaning equipment ‘packages’ and can add up to several thousand dollars extra in a heartbeat!

The brand and country of origin of your chosen carpet cleaning equipment solution is also a consideration you should carefully consider. American carpet cleaning machinery is renowned for producing quality.


Portable Carpet Cleaner Machine

Portable Carpet Cleaning Machines


There are no end of choices for carpet cleaning equipment in portable electric carpet cleaner machines, however the primary difference is manual vs auto. A basic manual hot water extraction unit requires filling and emptying water with a bucket whereas auto machines connect to a tap to automate the process. American carpet cleaning machines are all manufactured using light weight, roto-moulded polyethylene housings which are extremely durable and robust, whereas locally produced portable units are fibreglass, making them slightly heavier and more prone to damage when transporting them, however there is little difference in performance.


Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Machines

Low moisture or Bonnet cleaning is also known as dry cleaning, however is a completely different method that is essentially a surface carpet cleaning system as compared to hot water extraction, as it utilizes pads or bonnets under a rotary scrubber to retrieve soil. Consequently the capital outlay is significantly less than traditional truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment. Standard bonnet cleaning equipment includes a 150-200 rpm rotary scrubbing machine, vacuum cleaner, sprayer and pads/bonnets, and a full set of dry cleaning carpet cleaning equipment can be had for under $10,000.


Carpet Shampoo Machines

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning Equipment



Of course, even with the best carpet cleaning equipment and chemicals in the world, it would all be for nothing without the right carpet cleaning training courses to go with it! If you’re thinking about purchasing carpet cleaning equipment for your new or existing business, talk to us today to find out how we can help you grow a successful business by getting the best results for your customers!

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