Which Cleaning Method ?

Technology has changed. Sustainable Carpet Cleaning is here!


If you are looking at this page you simply want to know what’s best for you and your carpet.

The good news is that new technology has revolutionized the carpet cleaning franchise industry with a new, ultra efficient cleaning system.

This new system is called Sustainable Carpet Cleaning also generically known as encapsulation cleaning, and is the latest and highes quality carpet cleaning equipment technology available anywhere in the world!

ACCI members have been using it since its introduction into Australia in 2003. The main advantages of this system is that it ticks all the environmentally compliant boxes when compared to traditional methods such as hot water extraction (steam cleaning).

Not only is it the most environmentally compliant  compared to any other cleaning method but it is also the most efficient.

The really nice thing for consumers is that 90% less water is used and therefore carpets dry faster.  In addition the machinery required is very quiet and does not create toxic waste water to dispose into the drains.

Because it eliminates sticky detergent residues, oils and sugars, carpets now stay cleaner, softer, brighter and longer than ever before.

If you are looking for the best cleaning method then make sure you find an  ACCI member who has passed our strict carpet cleaning certification process in the Sustainable Cleaning System to clean your carpet. ACCI is the only training organisation in the carpet cleaning industry to have genuine Green Certified Technicians





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