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Carpet Cleaning Training Course

ACCI is proud to offer the most thorough carpet cleaning training course Australia has ever seen! Learn all about fibre types, carpet construction, chemistry and different carpet cleaning methods, equipment and how to use them with our premier carpet cleaning certification!

Whether you are new to the industry or a twenty year veteran you still have choices when it comes to your carpet cleaning education. Making the right choice for your business’s carpet cleaning training is about making the right investment because this is your one chance to change for the better – information on its own won’t change anything!

With ACCI you not only get the correct carpet cleaning technical information but you will learn how that information can be integrated into your carpet cleaning business to work for you and create the lifestyle you choose.

  • Yes you will learn about fibres
  • Yes you will learn about carpet construction
  • Yes you will learn about Chemistry, Cleaning methods and even how to get the best carpet cleaning results on the planet. But that’s not all.

The best thing about our carpet cleaning training course is that you will actually learn how to make real profits. Unfortunately profit seems to be forgotten by carpet cleaners and this course guarantees you a chance to break free and achieve the success available to all. Follow our guidelines and apply our rule of Just Do It and join the ranks of our satisfied carpet cleaners who have made the transition from struggling cleaner to profitable carpet cleaning business owners!

Our comprehensive carpet cleaning training course has set the industry benchmark in Australia and New Zealand. Why ? Because it is the only carpet cleaning course fully endorsed by the prestigious Wools of New Zealand , DuPont, Shaw Industries – Feltex as well as Australasia’s largest commercial carpet manufacturers Ontera and and Interface.

  • Carpet Cleaning Training is a 3 day training course.
  • Running Times: 9am – 4pm daily
  • Total Cost: AU $1295.00

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