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Encapsulation Cleaning Training Course

Our encapsulation cleaning training course will bring you up to speed with the latest developments in carpet cleaning methods! In the last thirty years the carpet industry has seen very few advances in technology that could be described as significant in real terms. However that has changed abruptly with the latest developments in cleaning chemical technology, specifically in the area of detergent residue. The term ‘Encapsulation’ has become the industry’s global buzz word and has already made a huge impact on our industry. Even so, too few people are well enough informed or even aware of the potential of this amazing technology and those that have jumped in without any training have had mixed results.

The truth is that without specialised training unrealistic expectations frequently lead to disappointing results when in fact simply understanding the chemistry and correct method/s of application would solve all the issues encountered and technicians could then reap the rewards.

This is a one day course that dispells all the hype and delivers easy, straight forward instructions to the uninitiated and experienced operators alike to develop a new and exciting alternative to the traditional methods of carpet cleaning and maintenance.  You will have both theory and hands on practical instruction.

In addition you will see how to cut operating costs dramatically, increase productivity, greatly reduce effort and above all, skyrocket your profits.

Introduction to Encapsulation Cleaning

  • Encapsulation Cleaning 1 day group training course with minimum 5 participants
  • Running Times: 9am – 4.00pm
  • Total Cost: AU $495.00

Encapsulation Expert

  • Encapsulation cleaning for the serious tech
  • One on one training course: 9.00am – 4.00pm
  • Total Cost $695 1 day or $995 2 days

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