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Water Damage Restoration Training Course

Water Damage Restoration has developed into a highly demanding facet of our industry. If you want to be successful in this field you will need to be armed with all the right information through our accredited water damage restoration training course! Whether you are dealing with consumers, assessors or insurance companies each has a defined protocol and expectation of outcome that you must be equipped to handle. This course covers the whole story and not just the technical ‘how to’ information. Most importantly we show you how to properly communicate with your clients and prepare paperwork the correct way to ensure you get prompt payment.

Like it or not the disaster recovery industry is now squarely focused on genuinely qualified technicians to be preferred contractors so if you want to be part of this scene then this course is a must.

  • Water Damage Restoration is a two day training course
  • Running Times: 9am – 4pm daily
  • Total Cost: AU $660.00

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