Green Pathway

Carpet cleaning businesses recognise that by demonstrating to clients that they have implemented green practices into their everyday operations will benefit their bottom line.

It is a credit to organisations that are genuinely doing the right thing.

The issues that arise from communicating greener practices are the doubts that the public have as to whether these statements are true and correct. Are the statements supported by evidence? Has the evidence been independently verified or is it a self declaration a ‘biased statement of conformity without evidence’.

The Green Pathway program was developed to support ACCI members that want to provide a greener service and have their environmental practices recognised without the greenwash. According to Wikipedia, greenwash is the act of misleading consumers regarding the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product or service. They want to be taken seriously.

Participants of the Green Pathway program must identify their organisations environmental aspects and impacts. An aspect is an element of organizations activities, products, or services which can interact with the environment.. The impact is any change to the environment whether adverse or beneficial, wholly or partially resulting from an organization’s activities, products, or services. From here the organisation determines their environmental significance and develops a program to mitigate what they have control over.

Furthermore they must establish and maintain documented environmental objectives and targets. These can include but are certainly not limited to a commitment to reduce waste, reduce or eliminate release of pollutants and/or design a product to minimize environmental impact in production, use and disposal.

Level 1 of the Green Pathway program incorporates the following elements of ISO 14001:2004

  • Environmental Policy
  • Environmental Aspects
  • Objectives and Targets
  • Legal and Other Requirements
  • Operational Control
  • Monitoring and Measurement
  • Training, Awareness and Competence
  • Records Management

All of these elements are then verified by a third party and all statements must be supported by the appropriate evidence. This program does not allow for self declarations. It is a credible program supported by 2 independent companies.

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